Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before filing in registration form below.


1.       Terms and Conditions

2.       Your access to and use of the TKT service website and other associated service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms.

3.       These Terms apply to all TKT registrants.

4.       By accessing or using the Service, you agree to be bound by these Terms.

5.       If you disagree with any part of the terms then you may not access the Service.

6.       Lubbison & Donarickon PTY Ltd, hereby trading as Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue, with the following verifiably    details:

a.       Company Registration number 2013/033802/07 (see attached company registration details)


b.      See updated annual company returns filing for 2017


c.       Company Tax Returns Registration number 9483450178 LUBBISON AND DONARICKON


7.       Carries on operations trading as Ti-Èlèntè Travelogue, an entity that organizes travel, learning, and research programs for travelers and tourists; working hand in hand with multi sectoral parties; with an ultimate end of producing outcomes in written and audio-visual documentary forms, for ultimate use as, research, entertainment, commercial and archival materials.



8.       Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a.       This agreement shall be governed by and construed accordingly to the laws of the Republic of South Africa and the parties hereto hereby submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of the Republic of South Africa

b.      Power and Authority

c.       Each party hereto hereby represents and warrants for itself only:

d.      That it has all necessary power and has taken all action necessary to make this Agreement upon its execution the valid binding and enforceable obligation of such party; and

e.      That no consent waiver or approval of any third party is necessary to its entering into and performing this Agreement or consummating the transactions contemplated herein.


9.       Description of Service

a.       Ti-èlèntè Travelogue is a travel, research, education, and entertainment program operated by Lubbison & Donarickon Pty LTD, headquartered in Pretoria South Africa. (Registration number 2013/033802/07, Companies & Intellectual Property Commission, Republic of South Africa.

b.      Ti-èlèntè Travelogue is alternatively referred to as a travel and research school.

c.       In every ‘Travel-Learn-Research’ Programs year, 48 Case Study Programs that each span through ’11’ (eleven) day periods take place in 48 different countries; based on research themes, topics and related itinerary.  For Outcome Materials, each of the 48 ‘Travel-Learn-Research’ Events, in turn produces Anthology Books and Video Documentary DVDs. These are usable for Core Academic & Social Research, Knowledge Advancement and Entertainment.

d.      Subject Matters for holiday research center around disciplinary and challenging  topics including History, Cultures, Environmentalism, Sciences, Agriculture, Sociology, Foods & Medicine, Fashion & Beauty, Technology, Governance, Societal Perceptions etc.

e.      For standardized planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, we work with a verifiable team of experts, professionals, technocrats, and other practitioners who bring quality assurance signatures to the entire project.

f.        By this agreement, YOU ARE ONE OF ti-èlèntè TRAVELOGUE’S KONTRIE TREKKERS (T.K.T) for the Travel-Learn-Research Year 2018-2019; effective from date of signing this registration and valid for 12 subsequent calendar months.


10.   Your tasks as a registered TKT

Task 1   (Resource Design Phase)

Gathering and making submissions of required data, information, interviews local surveys, digital material submissions and other relevant resources.

Task 2   (Online Activity – Research Phase)

Gathering and making submissions of required data, information, interviews local surveys, digital material submissions and other relevant resources.

Task 3   (Core Activity – Case Study Phase)

Gathering and making submissions of required data, information, interviews local surveys, digital material submissions and other relevant resources.


11.   Incentives

12.   With partnerships, collaborations, synergies and quality assurance as vehicles, the end goal of producing enduring outcomes from travel works becomes a repeated process.

13.   In addition to the travel research Books and DVDs as academic resources, entertainment and knowledge, they are also made available on subscription and sale. A specific niche is being serviced

14.   Going by our agreement with TKTs, a share of 10% of Royalties from subscriptions and sales is set aside as incentives to for participation; regardless of the willful interest factor. (10% shared amongst number of TKTs for the program.)

15.   Secondly, TKTs are automatically eligible for selection as Travel-Learn-Research Program participants based on availability, need, qualifications and sponsoring organization’s requirements.(Limited to ‘1’ Program, ‘1’ Country per year